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Book your Winter Health Check Now!!

Book your Winter Health Check Now!!


Carters Winter health checks

Now is the time to book in for your Winter Health Check.

Our 36 point Winter health check is just the thing to ensure your car is ready for the colder weather ahead or all is well for your daily commute and use. As the temperatures drop batteries which seem to be fine start failing, just when you need them at their best, wipers seem to develop that annoying smear which becomes worse as the wetter weather arrives, Tyres begin to feel slick and roads more slippery due to lower temperatures and damp leaves on the surface.

Carried out by our fully trained technicians it is ideal for catching any minor faults that may be starting on your car before they become major problems that leave you with out transport at just the wrong time.

So book in today and have that peace of mind that your all set for the Winter with no nasty surprises just around the corner.

At only £19.99 including VAT can you put a price on peace of mind.