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Does Your Air Conditioning need a service

Now is the time of year when we start to use our Air conditioning again and unfortunately sometimes its not working as we expect, after long periods of inactivity Air conditioning in cars can lose gas, begin to smell due to Bacterial build up, and can cause your car to use more fuel to run the Air conditioning as it is having to work harder, costing more to run your car, these can all be avoided with giving your cars Air conditioning a Service and get it back running at its most efficient. A service on your Air conditioning is part of your manufacturers service schedule every 3 yrs, and  when stamped up in your service record this improves the resale value of your car,

What we do on your service:

1. We drain and recharge your Air conditioning system.

2. We check all the hoses, filters, belts and connections.

3. We make sure your Air conditioning  compressor and condenser are working correctly.

4. We carryout an Air conditioning system refresh to eliminate odours, fungal and bacterial contamination.

Why should I have an Air conditioning Service?

* It keeps you cool in your car but also demists and stops your windows fogging up.

* It keeps you healthier as you are breathing in clean air.

* It prevents the build up of bacteria and fungal spores in your cars venting system.

* It removes unpleasant odours.

* It is part of your manufacturers scheduled maintenance.

*It puts another stamp in your service history book increasing your cars value.

We can service your Air conditioning for just £75.00 call our service department to book in now.