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Does your car need a Valet

Is your car no longer looking quite as bright and fresh as it did, does the upholstery not seem to have that new look and feel due to ingrained dirt and minor stains. It sounds like it is in need of a full Valet treatment.

What do we do

1. The vehicle exterior is pressure washed including inside your wheel arches and lower sills, around your engine bay and your door shuts.

2. The vehicle is then thoroughly hand washed including alloy wheels.

3. We hand dry your vehicle using leathers, wiping out door shuts and sills.

4. All trim is cleaned.

5. The interior is then fully vacuumed.

6. The interior of the vehicle including dashboard and centre console are cleaned and dressed.

7. All carpets and seats are cleaned as required, along with the boot area.

8. The bodywork is then hand polished using Autoglym resin wax polish.

9. The windows are cleaned and polished inside and out.

10. Tyre dressing is applied to the tyre side walls and exterior trim and plastics are dressed and conditioned.

A clean and well looked after car is always worth more money, so protect your investment and treat your car to a Full Valet

Book in with us now for a Full Valet from just £50.00