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Everything you need to know about brake fluid. (but didn`t want to ask)

It may not cross your mind every time you stop your car, but its Brake fluid that gets the job done for you ! The correct care of your brake fluid is one of the most important maintenance and safety factors in the upkeep of any vehicle.

What Brake Fluid Does:

Brake Fluid is what`s called a “hydraulic fluid”. Most people have heard the term “hydraulic” before, but many don`t know exactly what it means. It means moved or powered by fluids. That is exactly what brake fluid does: it moves components in your cars braking system. Brake fluid is special because the job it does is especially hard. It has to work perfectly under high pressures and temperatures. That is why it`s so important to maintain your Brake fluid, because as it ages it doesn`t work as effectively.

Brake Fluid and Moisture

It is necessary to flush and replace your brake fluid periodically, because brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it readily absorbs moisture. Brake fluid will even pull moisture in directly from the air. Over time brake fluid becomes too saturated with excess moisture, which causes it to degrade. Once the moisture content reaches a certain level the brake fluid is no longer able to function properly in the brake hydraulic systems. this can lead to brake fade and over heating of the fluid and in some cases the failure of the braking system possibly causing a collision.

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